Friends of Woodland Community Library

supporting and promoting our dynamic small-town library


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Great Books at the Best Prices


Friday, June 17, 10am-4pm
Saturday, June 18, 10am-2pm, $5 Bag Sale All Day
(you fill one of OUR bags with books)

Woodland Community Center
782 Park Street
Across from Woodland Middle School

Don’t want a whole bag? Here are regular prices:

Children’s books $.25-$1.00
Mass market paperbacks $.50
Hardcover & trade paperbacks $1.00
DVDs & CDs 2/$1.00

Get some Christmas and birthday shopping done, or restock your own bookshelves.
And remember, whatever you spend supports library programs and funds a new library.
That’s a win-win all around for you and the whole community!

For more information, call 360-560-8130


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