supporting and promoting our dynamic small-town library


Did you know?

February is National Library Lover’s Month

You are cordially invited to show your love for Woodland’s Library by attending our fundraising party!


Tickets available at:

Pearl & Branch
1935 Belmont Loop
(accepts cards or checks)

• Woodland True Value
218 Davidson
(accepts checks)

• Woodland Visitor
Information Center
900 Goerig Street
(accepts checks)

• Woodland
Community Library
770 Park St
(accepts checks)


For more information, call Judy at 360-906-4703 or visit

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Woodland Library Building Fund

You can also show love for our library by joining the Friends!


We are local volunteers who support the programs and services of Woodland Community Library. As part of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL), we operate under the umbrella of the FVRL Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.

Our Mission 

To enhance the value of Woodland Community Library to those it serves

Why This Mission? Libraries are no longer hush-hush, stuffy places, but vibrant, exciting places for learning, meeting, and relaxing. Besides books, they provide cutting edge technology and digital resources. An up-to-date library benefits communities and individual lives, through:

  • Increased literacy, which leads to more education and lower crime rates
  • Development of job skills
  • Help with job searches and resumes
  • Training for entrepreneurship
  • Lifelong learning

A modern, fully functional library is essential to a healthy community. Woodland’s growth means our current library cannot meet our needs. That is why our vision is clear and critical.

Our Vision 

A New Library for Woodland!

But We Can’t Fulfill Our Mission and Vision Alone,
So Please Join Us!


What’s in It for You:

  • Automatic eNews alerts about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
  • Personal invitations to special events
  • Members Only preview at new library
  • Contact with fact-checkers, thinkers, and truth-seekers
  • Opportunities to make new friends among Friends
  • Satisfaction of contributing to a cause with long-lasting benefits
  • Fun
  • Pride in great library services and soon, a new library!

Bonus: You can be as active as your desire and situation allow. On the membership form, please note what types of activities interest you and what your availability is. If you can volunteer at this time, your membership alone contributes to the funds for current library programs and our new library. We’ll let you know when volunteer opportunities arise and welcome your participation whenever it works for you!

The more Friends our library has, the better it can serve Woodland and
the sooner we’ll have a Bigger, Better Library!

So Don’t Wait! Join Us Now!




2 thoughts on “Home

  1. When is your next class

  2. Hi, Patti,
    No classes are scheduled at the moment, but we do have other events coming up. Please see our BOOK SALES/EVENTS page!

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