supporting and promoting our dynamic small-town library


Welcome to Friends of Woodland Community Library

Our Mission: To enhance the value of Woodland Community Library to those it serves

Lots of Woodlanders appreciate the value of our current library. That’s obvious from the number of participants in library programs.

Even though it’s housed in a small building over 100 years old, the library manager, Jennifer Hauan, and the rest of the staff offer an amazing array of programs to benefit our community.

Our Friends group provides extra funding beyond what is available in the library budget to enhance these wonderful, creative programs for users of all ages.

But the best way Friends of the Library can fulfill our mission is to raise awareness and funds for a new library—a library with more space, more materials, more computers, comfortable seating for readers, dedicated spaces for children and teens, meeting rooms for classes, more staff, and extended hours!

Our Vision: A New Library for Woodland!

Library Friends are eager to break ground!

Show YOUR love for our library by joining the Friends and volunteering, or by making a donation!




We are volunteers who support the programs and services of Woodland Community Library.
We operate under the umbrella of the Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. When is your next class

  2. Hi, Patti,
    No classes are scheduled at the moment, but we do have other events coming up. Please see our BOOK SALES/EVENTS page!

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