supporting and promoting our dynamic small-town library

Join Us!

Join an Exclusive Community

Readers. Thinkers. Fact checkers. Truth seekers. People in the know and on the move.

They’re who you’ll rub shoulders with when you join Friends of Woodland Community Library. You’ll also be part of an enlightened crowd who knows that a modern, fully functional library is essential to a healthy community. There’s power in numbers–the more Friends our library has, the more it can serve Woodland!

Decades of Service

We’re proud to have supplemented the budget of Woodland’s library for decades, during periods of significant population growth and increasing demands for services. We contribute to our library’s standard of excellence by providing funds beyond its operating budget for programs, services, and material needs. Needs that now, more than ever, include growing a building fund for a new, bigger, better library.

Who Wouldn’t?

Who wouldn’t want to support an institution that provides essential opportunities for lifelong learning? To contribute to a bigger, better library that becomes our community’s . . .

  • Living room
  • Learning center
  • Business facilitator
  • Cultural and entertainment center

So Affordable

Membership is an affordable way to support the important cause of building a new library while supporting current library programs. Memberships start as low as $5 for an entire year (January-December) and fully 100% of your membership gift goes directly to supporting library goals, programs, and services. You can also specify on the membership form that any gift above and beyond membership dues goes into the building fund for a new Woodland library. All donations, except dues, are tax deductible. And membership has its benefits:

Member Benefits

  • Automatic eNews alerts about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
  • Personal invitations to special events
  • Members Only preview party at new library
  • Contact with interesting, well-read people
  • Opportunities to make new friends among Friends
  • Pride in great library services and soon, a new library!

Click here for Membership Form



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